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Here are some action items you might take, to make a difference in this crisis.

Every voice matters.

And sadly, many of us are now our child's voice.

MARIN COUNTY CA: If you want to show your support for Mana Bowls, a locally-owned, family-friendly business in Fairfax, over Element 7 (E7), a corporate cannabis company … Please sign and share this petition with your comments to submit to Fairfax Town Council. Fairfax has a formula store ordinance than bans chain stores. E7 is asking the town for an exemption and wants to take over the Mana Bowl property. The landlord appears interested in making more money and has not (as of yet) renewed a lease for Mana Bowls. Fairfax Planning Commission and Town Council will be considering this exemption to allow this formula (chain store) cannabis dispensary in town. There is already a dispensary in Fairfax - a locally owned one. The town of Fairfax didn’t let Chevron in years ago. Why should they cave in now to corporate cannabis?!

Save Mana Bowls! They don’t want to leave and shouldn’t have to be pushed out.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made our country's addiction crisis worse. More than 93,000 Americans lost their lives to an overdose in 2020. That's a new, heartbreaking record.

Even though addiction is a treatable illness, we needlessly lose thousands of lives due to a nationwide shortage of trustworthy, affordable, evidence-based addiction care.

As the overdose crisis continues to ravage communities across the country, our federal government has a critical opportunity to help.

Tell Your Reps: Make Addiction Training Standard For Doctors

The Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act is designed to ensure that all DEA-controlled medication prescribers have a baseline knowledge of how to prevent addiction and how to identify, treat, and manage patients who have substance use disorders. You might think that this is already the case, but it’s not. Addiction treatment is currently not a focus in many medical schools, meaning most doctors do not know how to identify or treat substance use disorder, despite the public health emergency that it is. That’s why we need this legislation.

Contact your Members of Congress now and urge them to pass the MATE Act!

Click here to send an email to your Members of Congress to support the MATE Act..

Click Here to Tell Your Representative to Oppose the MORE Act

Marijuana commercialization is nothing more than social injustice, as it only serves the monied interest of Big Pot lobbyists, addiction corporations such as Big Tobacco, alcohol conglomerates, and the investor class that overwhelmingly make up the marijuana industry.

Tell Your Member of Congress to Oppose the Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act

The United States Senate could soon move to consider a bill introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Take action against this bill today by clicking this link to send your senators and representative an urgent message outlining why the Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act is a misguided bill that will only benefit Big Pot and its addiction-for-profit investors.

Show your support and sign this petition!

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CA: Sign this!

Deaths caused by the toxic drug fentanyl have skyrocketed in California—particularly for teens and young adults. We must take immediate action to stop these tragic deaths.Current California law treats fentanyl as less serious than cocaine or heroin—leading to this sharp increase in fentanyl imports and fentanyl deaths. It is time we treat fentanyl as seriously as its consequences.Assembly Bill 1351 will appropriately align penalties for fentanyl trafficking and cut this deadly drug off at its source.
CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - Please sign my friend Allysia's petition, submitted in memory of her brother Mikael, to create a felony murder or drug-induced homicide statute in California that would apply to fentanyl poisoning situations like around Mikael's and Trevor's deaths.