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Coinciding with International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31, Ace Hardware finalized our "Ace Heartware" story "Ending the Stigma" in August 2023, a mini-documentary about how Michelle & their six Ace stores help their community with Narcan training and Fentanyl awareness at their six Stan's Hardware stores in their communities.

Read on for more information about this Ace Heartware story and next steps you can take.

Want to host a Naloxone Training Event?

How we organized our tabling events for the "TOOLS" of Fentanyl Awareness and Overdose Prevention:

FIRST, find a local organization with a supply of Naloxone/Narcan, with whom to partner for your event. Most free Naloxone is distributed on a county-by-county basis, requiring records to be submitted as to where/which demographic is receiving the Naloxone, so do ask a local health department, harm reduction organization, or related non-profit for help with the product for your event.

Then, plan your event! Is there an event/theme/memorial planned in conjunction with the event?  Who is your target? Where will you hold the event? What time will work best to get those people to your training? Who will do the training? (Usually takes about 10 minutes without questions... many can be trained at the same time.) How are you going to get the word out? What supplies do you need (table, tent, etc).

My experience as a hardware store owner, in asking for partners for overdose training for fentanyl and other opioids, has been extremely positive by the organizations with whom we partner. The organizations are delighted to have a new segment of the community wanting to train their employees to become first responders in this national drug epidemic - and to get more people in their community carrying Naloxone. 

There is no stigma in our Ace stores, when someone buys a fire extinguisher we don't assume they have an arsonist at their home. Similarly, when more people are trained on this life-saving opioid reversal product, the stigma around having Narcan will go away. Thank you for helping be part of the solution in this epidemic.

Want to learn more about fentanyl & naloxone?

Song for Charlie is laser-focused on getting the word out about fentapills to young adults and their parents, Michelle's main targets in her own advocacy work.

Visit OD Free Marin's website, of which Michelle is a steering committee member. 

National Fentanyl Awareness Day is a social-media based awareness campaign, with excellent educational pieces here.

The Drug Enforcement Agency's OnePillCanKill campaign has helpful information here.

Want to help financially?

April & NCAPDA

April Rovero (in the video) founded National Coalition Against Drug Prescription Abuse (NCAPDA) shortly after her son Joey’s accidental death on December 18, 2009, from an accidental prescription drug overdose while a student at Arizona State University. April leads and oversees all aspects of the organization and is an active and vocal member of many other organizations in this arena. Michelle and April are good friends, bonded by their shared loss and their compulsion to help make a difference around drug abuse.
Click Here to make a donation to April's non-profit, National Coalition Against Drug Prescription Abuse (NCAPDA).

Song For Charlie

Song for Charlie is Michelle's favorite non-profit resource, when suggesting fentanyl information websites  to young adults and their parents. It's aimed specifically at this demographic, and the information presented is all fact-based and backed with science and data.

Michelle especially recommends their Facts about Fentanyl webpage, with answers to her most commonly asked questions.

Click here to make a donation to Song for Charlie, to help get fentanyl information out to young adults and their parents.

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