Twitter for Activists

Michelle's background in activism comes from her former volunteer role as a Tweeting Activist, along with years in leadership and as a volunteer with the PTA and many other organizations.

Tweeting is something she believes can help raise awareness of her two main efforts:

#ItsNotJustPot and #OnePillCanKill - #JustSayKNOW

Hope you benefit from these trainings - ask about in-person/Zoom trainings too!

Twitter Beginners and Current Tweeters:

Join Michelle Leopold for an informative training and Q&A about how to make the most of your activism on Twitter!

Two zoom meeting options

(similar content planned at both, info will vary depending on attendees & Q&A)

Thursday September 29th—9:30am Pacific/12:30pm Eastern


Sunday October 2nd—3:30pm Pacific/6:30pm Eastern

“Syllabus”/Content to be covered below!

Please set up your twitter account before joining the class!

Email Michelle or DM @50RandomActs for Zoom link

Her Twitter Education Deck continues to be edited - below are the three main sections. Please use for your own efforts and/or for your organization. Just please be sure to follow @50RandomActs on Twitter if you do!

PART 1 - TWITTER BASICS (linked to .pdf)


  • Create a Twitter Account

  • Tips

  • Navigation

  • 280 Characters

  • DOs and DON'Ts

  • Twitter Glossary

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Hashtags

  • Start of Tweets .@50RandomActs

  • Your Feed

  • PICS - (Basic)

  • Anatomy of a Great Tweet

  • Got Trolls?

  • Why Twitter

  • Evolution of a Tweeting Activist

Why use Twitter for Advocacy?

Hints & tips

Feel like you're missing important tweets?

Best practices for Photography

-Important Moments

-How to get the best quality photos from your camera phone

PART 4 - Michelle's Wish List:

      • Michelle would LOVE to create DM groups, that we can drop texts for everyone in the group to like/comment/retweet. But we need more tweeters to make this worthwhile!

      • We should create a link of twitter “soundbytes” to copy/paste as needed.

      • We should create lists of groups to follow

      • Also list of people to follow (I reached the 5,000 person limit so stopped being as interested in this topic – until I recently purged 1,500 people I was following who weren’t following me back. Now I have room again to add following!)

Let me know if you want to work on any of these projects with/for me & our activism efforts!

Michelle's Full Twitter Lesson document is linked here