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Death by Fentanyl Poisoning, THC, and/or Substance Abuse

Support for the newly bereaved

Grief groups and organizations:

  1. Song for Charlie, which does so much good work laser-focused on educating young adults about the harms of fentanyl, has a parent support page led by my friends Laura Didier (Zach, forever 17) and Jon and Jennifer Epstein (Cal, forever 18). with lots of good resources.

  2. There are four “Hope After Loss” Nar-Anon Family Group meetings online weekly; nearly all attendees have lost their “qualifier” to the disease of addiction, but the only qualification for membership is the addiction problem in a loved one. We now have over 450 members on our roster, representing many countries, relationships, stories, and causes of death – but all related to addiction. I am happy to talk with anyone about our unique NarAnon meetings. A lot of AlAnon members find us after their loved one died, as AlAnon doesn’t have such grief meetings.

    1. We meet four times weekly, 7am Eastern Monday, 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific Wednesdays, 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific Thursdays, and 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific Saturdays Eastern. Please check a time zone converter to make sure you log on to Zoom when we're meeting.

    2. Additionally, we have a Newcomers' Meeting the first Saturday of each month, 30 minutes before our regular meeting (although you're welcome to attend / reach out at any time to any of our members with questions and support).

    3. Our Zoom link has not changed since our first meeting in April 2020: Visit for our Zoom link. The zoom access remains the same across all four meetings

  3. Facebook has countless fentanyl death support pages and activism pages started by angel parents – but I’d say instead of telling you what to look at or avoid, it’s best to search and join what resonates with you, not knowing details. I have had to “unsubscribe/unfriend” some that did not work for me.

  4. THC/Cannabis related deaths should reach out to Laura Stack of Johnny's Ambassadors to be part of their group Parents whose Children have Died from THC-Related Outcomes.

  5. There are Compassionate Friends' meetings throughout the country; and meetings are for parents who lost their children.

In Marin, The Compassionate Friends of Marin meets once a month

San Francisco meets monthly as well; email

  1. Hospice of Marin has excellent grief support but as of 12/22 what a shame the voicemail isn’t working. Here are some of their offerings:

Not in Marin? Take a look at what your local Hospice organization offers.