TAKE ACTION #NotInVain #HonorWithAction

Many of us are searching for meaning after the unimaginable has happened.

This page offers many ways to remember your loved one - take what you want and leave the rest!

Drug Overdose Awareness Memorial

(Walden, NY) Please share & spread awareness

Send a personalized lock of your loved one to:

Drug Overdose Awareness Memorial

P.O. Box 53

Walden, NY 12586

Email Jody at jodymarie42082@icloud.com with information about your loved one, and she will email you pictures when she hangs the lock on the fence.

OR - start one in your community and let Michelle know so she can share here!

The Celebrating Lost Loved Ones map allows families and friends to add loved ones lost to opioids and addiction. There is tremendous stigma around addiction and this map is intended to show people of all walks of life all over are impacted.

To add a loved one to the map, CLICK HERE

...More to come!